Jab Training

JAB has created its own unique structured training programme that trains staff in our Vision, Values, JAB Behaviours, JAB Systems and Industry Knowledge through specifically designed training modules.

JAB is committed to the continuous professional development (CPD) of all our staff. As members of the SPE, PESGB, Scottish Oil Club, Finding Petroleum, Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce, Calgary Chamber of Commerce, EEEGR, Entrepreneurial Exchange, GlobalScot all our staff attend regular industry events, conferences, lectures and presentations to enhance further their industry knowledge. Our 12 month training and development programme is completed by all new staff - with those exhibiting high potential joining our fast-track initiative.

JAB prides itself on identifying staff with High Potential and buddies them up with our High Performers. It is a cause for celebration when asked to join HP2 at JAB and all staff strive for this professional recognition. JAB is passionate about creating best-in-class behaviours, systems, relationships and results - our HP2 initiative embodies this passion and drive.