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Job Description

The Information Security Officer (ISO) has the primary responsibility to develop and improve the Cybersecurity and Information security protections for the business and operations organizations. The Information Security Officer position is part of the Information Technology organization with responsibilities to coordinate information/cyber security protection best practices, policies, and protections with all groups and functions. Essential Functions & Duties/Responsibilities: Coordinate and represent both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) requirements for Cybersecurity protections and improvements.Facilitate the development, education, and functions of the Security Steering Committee.Manage logical and physical security risk assessments and participate in all business and operational risk assessments to ensure information security threats are included.Develop and maintain documentation and records for compliance of the Cybersecurity Policy.Ensure Information/Cybersecurity policy and protection requirements are included and integrated into business continuity plans and events.Establish performance metrics, monitor, and report compliance and protection status to all levels of the organization.Integrate Cybersecurity protections and policy compliance in new facilities designs.Research and recommend the appropriate industry standards and recommendations for information/Cybersecurity continuous improvement and long term strategic planning. Act as the single point of contact and subject matter expert for Information/Cybersecurity topics, regulations, standards, best practices and coordinate all strategy and policy concerns with the Chief Information Security Officer and the Security Steering Committee.Facilitate independent reviews and annual site assessments to validate and ensure security protections are adequate. Facilitate the response and recovery activities to all Information/Cybersecurity events.Provide project management and coordination of all Information/Cybersecurity improvement activities. Manage the development and delivery of Information/Cybersecurity awareness training for all corporate organizations and functions.

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USA / Gulf of Mexico
Posted On
04 Feb 2016

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